This is the design research page for my honours project Infinite. This project took 7 months to complete.

I have included pages from my Honours Thesis (Research proposal) where my research of 12 weeks are distilled into. From then on my research has been ongoing.

What happens to our
digital assets, once we
pass away?


“The internet is, perhaps
inevitably, full of dead people”
— Stokes, 2015

Understanding the context

What I have been researching on:

– How we mourn and remember in Western and non-western cultures. This was important to get an understanding of users with different cultural backgrounds and to avoid offending: cultural appropriation.

– Digital identity: Why exactly are we posting about and why? What are we sharing with people and how?


– Why digital assets are an issue if we don’t actively curate them.

– How do online services and Social media sites deal with this currently? And is their approach effective?

Starting the design thinking
Digging into case studies & theories
What I'm intending to design


Testing ideas & understanding users
Identifying the user.

Understanding who would find the design experience beneficial
and how does the design itself reflect that?
User journeys.

What would the experience be for the user currently?
How can we change the journey to a more desired experience?
Testing station. DIY Memorial.

Testing how users organise memories and
what types of memories they would choose
Testing station. Associations of Spaces.

Asking testers which space evokes types of emotions and associations.

Do they have any memories that are represented in the images?
Ways to bridge the barriers.

Grieving and remembering is part of a very painful experience and many
of us would be uncomfortable if we're confronted with it.

I analysed these and ideated how the design could make the
experience simple and lighter for the user.