I’m a driven user-centered UX/UI Designer, who is particulary interested designing with Virtual Reality and AI. I have worked in both industries and created beautiful, engaging experiences that meet the needs of the intended user audience. Websites and apps were also part of media that I created meaningful, intuitive experiences for, especially in the AI industry. I like a good challenge and I’m not afraid to fail, if it helps me to learn and grow.

With UX I have a very user-focused approach. I try to understand a users mindset, lifestyle and needs, before I even start thinking about the design. If I don’t have a good understand of the user, I won’t be able to know if the design is going to help them in the best possible way. User experiences are effective when they are intuitive and seemless beyond using the screen. It creates positive memories and emotions within the user, even long after looking at the designed medium.

Outside of being creative, you’ll find me exploring places with my camera, meeting new people at design meetups, playing acoustic guitar (may not sound great, but getting there), and learning new languages.


Companies worked for


Years of Design School


Design Days/Hackfests




Best Awards 2018 | BRONZE AWARD

Infinite | Student Interactive Category

Alphero Design Day 2017

Flex App Design Concept

Internet of Things (IOT) Hackfest 2016

1st Place overall | Restore Design Concept

Alphero Design Day 2016

1st Place in Category | 3rd Place overall | The Edge responsive website Design Concept

Summer of Tech Hackfest 2016